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Meet the Artist - Donna Locati and Patti Calvert

 Monday, January 25, 2010
About the Artist

Donna Locati holds a BA in Art from California State University, Fresno. She attended Chouinard Art Institute studying costume design, though briefly at Fresno State in the Field. After more than ten solo watercolor shows at William Rogers/Cuvier Gallery, she studied printmaking with Leon Osborne at Fresno City College and Mary Maughelli at Fresno State.

Donna has had two residencies at the Fresno Art Museum and also two teaching residencies showing watercolors, three-dimensional paper with Acrylic angels and Intaglio Prints. Saint Paul Newman Center in Fresno regularly displays her paper sculptures, angels, and enlargements of the Intaglio Print in the proper seasons.

Donna has provided the artwork for five books, Abundant Harvest and four Sergio Negro Homily Books, Times and Seasons I-IV, all 5 Edited by Sharon Young. She is a founding member of the Fresno Printmakers Guild, which regularly exhibits as a group.


    "Afternoon Tea #2"    Donna Locati  350.
    "Bird Cage"    Donna Locati    250.  
    "Vineyard Market #1"    Donna Locati   800 
    "Vineyard Market #2"    Donna Locati    800 
    "Above Millerton"    Donna Locati    NFS 
    "Nectarine & Memory"    Donna Locati    400 
    "Amtrak South   Donna Locati    300 
    "Green Onions   Donna Locati   500 
    "Iris Farms"    Donna Locati   350 
 10    "Bring A Light   Donna Locati   450 
 1 1    "Angel Parts   Donna Locati    NFS 

Patti Calvert was introduced to Printmaking by way of Leon Osborne at Fresno City College in 1995 & has been a member of the Fresno Printmaker's Guild for 14 years. She approaches her art with spontaneity, a lack of inhibition & finds the Monotype process fascinating. Using an intaglio press she produces a single print by using pressure to transfer an image drawn, rolled or painted on one surface to another surface. The quality of color changes as it is transferred from one surface to another in the printing process. The luminosity and transparency of the printed color
are unlike any painted surface. The beauty of printmaking is that one never knows until the final stage of pulling the print what image you will get. Many of the images are like watching clouds - you think you are seeing the image and then suddenly another one forms. She also likes to incorporate Gold Leaf and other mixed media.

Previously pursued a fine art degree at CSUF which led to a career in Graphic Design.

Also designed and fabricated original Stained glass panels with businesses in California and Hawaii from 1974 to 1983 (Gallery 1, Calvert Glass & Sign)


 1    "Night Vision"    Patti Calvert    325.  
 2    "Seance"    Patti Calvert    220.  
 3    "Call Waiting"    Patti Calvert    375.  
 4    "Stardust"    Patti Calvert    350.  
 5    "Pot of Gold"    Patti Calvert    450.  
 6    "Polarity Shift"    Patti Calvert    350.  
 7    "Aloha"    Patti Calvert    275.  
 8    "La Coeur Est Un Mystere"    Patti Calvert    250.  
 9    "On Track"    Patti Calvert    275.  
 10    "Balancing Act, Revised"    Patti Calvert    450.  
 1 1    "The Past is Prologue"    Patti Calvert    350.  

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