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Fresno Stewardship Initiative

The Fresno Business Council (FBC) and several community leaders conceptualized and launched the Fresno Stewardship Initiative (FSI) in order to get to the root of the problems in the Fresno region and find solutions for a more prosperous future. The purpose of the FSI is to better organize our community by linking, aligning and leveraging these systems to solve root problems not their symptoms. Donors are willing to invest in "What if…” because they see the assets of Fresno and believe that together we can start a movement!


  • Community Medical Centers
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Johanson Transportation Service
  • Fresno Pacific University
  • Mr. James Hallowell
  • Betts Springs Company

  • 2015 Goal

    Faced with chronic, systemic, endemic poverty, leaders of the FBC recognized that the region could never do enough to address critical issues if it did not change the underlying conditions. Inspired by two reports—The Economic Future of the San Joaquin Valley and the Survey of Current Area Needs, both released by the Great Valley Center, the FBC joined forces with Fresno State determined to achieve transformation. Success would require:

  • A shift in mindset and behavior
  • Civic infrastructure
  • Comprehensive, integrated strategies across a host of issues
  • A scorecard
  • Perseverance

  • Most importantly, success would require sustained steward leadership. The team set a timeline—fifteen years. The finish line is 2015!

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