Grant Disbursement Request Form

If you are an advisor for an existing fund at the Fresno Regional Foundation, please use this form to submit a distribution request.

The IRS regulations state grants cannot:
  • Be made to individuals or to an organization on behalf of a specific individual
  • Be made to non-U.S. organizations in foreign countries (grants can be made to US organizations that operate in foreign countries)
  • Pay for non-charitable purposes such as invoices or bills unless it is an operating expense of the DAF such as real estate taxes or insurance, membership dues, tickets to a fundraising dinner, or fees for any type of fundraising event
  • Be made to fund advisors, their families or related parties in the form of a grant, loan, or other compensation.
  • Fulfill binding pledges or pre-existing obligation. The word “pledge” implies a legal obligation or debt, or that a contribution to The Foundation was restricted for another charity.
  • Give benefits to fund advisors, their families or related parties in receiving goods or services from a charity in return for a grant.

 Grantee Contact Information Please provide the grantee's contact information 

If this request is from a donor advised fund, the payee must be a tax-exempt organization.




Disbursement check will be mailed to this address




Disbursement Instructions


 Please enter with value without coma separators. (i.e. 5000.00)


If no special instructions, designations, or descriptions here, the grant will be "for the charitable purposes of the organization".  
If necessary for this disbursement, please attach supporting documentation such as invoices and/or meeting minutes.

Name of Fund Advisor submitting this disbursement request.

A confirmation email will be sent to the fund advisor.  The Fund Advisor must be an authorized Fund Advisor on record at the Fresno Regional Foundation.


By pressing the submit button below, it is certified that there will be no benefit back to a donor, founder, advisor, or selection committee member.


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