2012 Annual Report

The Fresno Regional Foundation is gaining momentum as we work

with donors to create sustainable, high impact, positive change in our

community—we call this the New Era in Philanthropy. We are excited to

share stories about donors, community benefit organizations, and projects that

are providing pathways for all our residents to live productive, enriched lives.

Issues in the San Joaquin Valley are deep, systemic, and complex. They

require creative, long-term solutions. Our 2012 early education grants may

not produce visible results for a decade. Still, our long-term vision keeps

us on course. It is the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly incremental steps

that compound to produce sustainable change. The title of this report is our

reminder to start right now, from where we are, and with the circumstances

before us. Now. Here. This.

In the pages that follow, you will read stories of donors who are giving now.

We will share the work of a committee determined to have the greatest impact

on critical issues right here in the San Joaquin Valley. And we will describe

this community, our current situation, and our most significant struggles and


With the leadership of our active and dynamic Board of Directors, a

knowledgeable Staff, and dozens of volunteer advisors, we are more dedicated

and well informed than ever. We have a long-range strategic plan that builds

upon past accomplishments while keeping our vision set on the long-term

legacy of the Valley. At the same time, we are partnering with donors to

accomplish the work now, the work here, and the work for this community.

Fresno Regional Foundation is your partner to make your philanthropic legacy

a source of pride for you and future generations. We hope the pages that follow

inspire you to join us in improving the quality of life for the San Joaquin Valley.

2012 Annual Report

Please enjoy the electronic copy of Fresno Regional Foundation's 2012 Annual Report. To receive a hard copy of the report please feel free to call us at: (559)226-5600.

A lasting legacy

Louis Gundelfinger
Louis Gundelfinger was a successful entrepreneur, community activist and visionary philanthropist. His gifts continue to impact our community today. His daughter-in-law, Lulu Staburn Gundelfinger, established a field of interest fund to support local parks and music in perpetuity. 

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