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- Frank F. Parker remembers his Childhood home of Firebaugh -

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When Frank F. Parker passed away in 2008 at the age of 82 in Orange County, he lived a full life that included childhood days in Firebaugh.  Even in planning his estate, Frank remembered this small, rural Madera community with a $250,000 gift.  

Frank wanted to help build a park that was accessible to all the children of Firebaugh.  Working with the Executor of Frank’s estate, Firebaugh City Officials envisioned a park on a site in a new subdivision on the south side of town.  Frank’s wishes have now come to fruition.  

The Frank F. Parker Memorial Firebaugh Fund was established within the Fresno Regional Foundation, and the Foundation has been the philanthropic steward to ensure that Frank's wishes were fulfilled.  Both the Estate Executor and the Firebaugh City Officials agreed that this “Field of Interest” Fund would ensure the money clearly honors Frank’s intentions and would attract new donors and new bequests for future projects in Firebaugh.

The 2 ½-acre Parker’s Park is a welcomed stretch of additional green space for Firebaugh residents with special features to accommodate children with various abilities.  There is a playground over a soft surface and the play structures are designed for ample access.  Firebaugh City Manager, Jose Ramirez, knows that Frank Parker’s gift made it possible to include special needs equipment and help the special needs children in their community.  City Manager Ramirez said that this is the only park of its kind in or around Firebaugh.  

As an outdoor enthusiast, Frank would have undoubtedly been very pleased.  He was born in Nebraska, but his father moved the family to Firebaugh when Frank was just a boy. Frank studied electrical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley and, eventually, started his own company.  Frank's career even led him to build a timing ignition device that was used on NASA's Apollo missions to the moon.  

Frank shared his life with his wife, Alberta Jean.  He delighted in flying and enjoyed water and snow skiing, scuba diving, camping, and always keeping in touch with friends from Firebaugh.  Frank was a unique, highly intelligent, fun-loving man, who was generous with his employees.  Firebaugh can be proud to be called Frank Parker’s boyhood home and will now remember him forever for his thoughtful generosity.

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