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Competitive Grantmaking

The FRF grantmaking program is one of the most vibrant and growing areas of the Foundation. We see effective grantmaking –giving money away wisely– as a powerful asset-development tool. Donors can be assured that our fair and transparent process is investing their charitable dollars effectively.

In the years I have served as Grants Committee Chair, I have reviewed 685 grant proposals requesting almost $15 million, participated in debates and discussions to agree on recommendations to the FRF Board, and presented 162 grant awards for a total of $3.1 million.

This has been challenging but worthwhile volunteer service that has enriched my life tremendously. I have been educated about the great needs in our community and also about the amazing work and sacrifices of so many organizations and volunteers. It has been a privilege to serve as the Grants Committee Chair for FRF.

Angie Cisneros
Grants Committee Chair
Board Member since 2004

While the Foundation has awarded competitive grants of $3.1 million since 2008, Community Benefit Organizations have requested nearly $15 million, demonstrating the great challenges that our local organizations face. FRF Staff often connects donors with unfunded but worthy proposals.


Thank You

Thank you to the Board Members, local experts, and community members who volunteer on our Grants Committees. Since 2008, 54 individuals have volunteered for this difficult but essential work. This volunteer service ensures a thorough and impartial process to our competitive grantmaking program.

resno Regional Foundation
Competitive Grantmaking Calendar

1st  QTR – Arts & Culture

2nd QTR – Youth Advancement

3rd  QTR – Human Services, Teen Pregnancy Prevention

4th  QTR – Environmental

NEW in 2012 – High-Impact (see page 5 for details)


The fields of interest for our competitive cycles have multiplied over time. Some have developed because donors specify areas they want to support. For others, the FRF Board evaluates the needs of our com- munity and adds funding cycles.

For 2012, FRF will add a high-impact grantmaking cycle based on recommendations from our community-led Advisory Committee.

Due Diligence

Before an organization can apply to FRF, we require they complete an Organization Profile Form (OPF). This allows us to get to know the organization, confirm they operate within IRS standards, and meet the requirements for our competitive grantmaking. FRF has performed this detailed due diligence on 400 local organizations since 2008. If you are a donor and would like information on a local organization, please contact us.

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