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Our 40-year History

Looking back . . . a Reflection.

Families change a lot over forty years. Most start small and grow over time. They mature, achieve successes, experience disappointments, and often go through rebirths. With a little luck and a lot of support, their members can become valuable community assets. Extending a family enriches the mix. New family members bring fresh perspectives; they add new goals and dreams. Shared goals and common beliefs hold a family together through growing pains and celebrations. Standing together, a family is greater than the sum of its members.

The Fresno Regional Foundation family celebrated its fortieth anniversary with an appreciation for the common goal of its thousands of extended family members - the desire to see the Central San Joaquin Valley be enriched by their actions and improved by their legacies. The story of the Fresno Regional Foundation family starts, oddly enough, with cats and dogs.

Join us as we travel back through forty years of family history....

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