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Investments overview

Fresno Regional Foundation’s funds are professionally managed for growth over time. Annual audit reports are available by request.

Responsible management

Donated assets are assured safe management and return on investment, which in turn expands charitable giving. The Foundation retains SEI Investments, a global wealth management and investment management firm, to provide customized nonprofit solutions. SEI reduces any investment and administrative challenges by leveraging assets to maximize capabilities, cut costs, and meet philanthropic objectives. This service allows the Foundation to focus on our philanthropic mission, giving donors more opportunities to create a lasting impact in the community.


We provide every donor with information about the impact of their gifts. Donors receive a confirmation letter when funds are distributed, and we also keep you informed as to how your fund is performing in the investment market. All financial information is disclosed annually through an independent audit by Heberger & Merritt and published in our annual report. Donors also receive quarterly statements on their funds.

Please contact us for an administrative fee schedule.

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