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Donor services

Fresno Regional Foundation is committed to understanding your charitable intentions and using your gifts according to those intentions. We offer several services to help your philanthropy achieve the greatest impact in our community:

Customized giving planning

We meet with each donor to understand his or her philanthropic intentions and create a plan to fulfill those intentions.

Donor advisor reports

To help keep donor advisors abreast of any issues and agencies of interest, we provide custom research reports to help you make decisions that create the most impact.

Grantmaking support

At the request of the donor, we can receive specific proposals from agencies, screen and evaluate them and make recommendations if so desired. Donor advisors can make recommendations for grants given from their funds.

Community impact events

These informative events focus on topics of interest to our donor advisors, featuring experts and organizations that address issues that have great impact in the San Joaquin Valley.

Resources for donor advisors

Donor Adviced Grant Disbursement Form

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Making a grant recommendation

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