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The role of donor advisors

Fresno Regional Foundation donor advised funds offer donors a way to stay personally involved in giving. As donor advisors, these individuals are key partners in the impact that the Foundation has in meeting needs in our community.

Recommending a grant

Once a donor advised fund has been established, a donor can recommend an organization to receive a grant from the fund. Recommendations must be made in writing, and can be sent by fax, mail or email. Donor advisors may want to use our Grant Recommendation Form, available for download at the right.

Grants can be recommended for nonprofit organizations, a particular project, equipment, a scholarship, or many other purposes. Grants can be made in honor of a special person or cause, in the name of the donor advised fund, or anonymously.

While many donor advisors may already know which organizations and causes they would like to support, you are always welcome to work with our staff to identify high-priority needs and worthy organizations in our community.

How it works

When the Foundation receives a grant recommendation from a donor advisor, our staff performs due diligence to make sure the recommended recipient organization has legal charitable status. Recommendations are then presented to the board of directors for review and action. Upon approval, a check and award letter are sent to the recipient organization, and you receive notification of the disbursement from your fund.

Do you want to target your giving? Talk to us about starting a donor advised fund or a field of interest fund.


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