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Charitable gift annuity

Receive income for life with a charitable gift annuity

Giving through a charitable gift annuity allows you to arrange a generous gift to your community, while providing yourself a new income source you can count on for the rest of your life.

Why give through a charitable gift annuity

Income from your charitable gift annuity may add up to more than the interest and dividends you earned from holding the assets. You can use this income to supplement your own lifestyle, or that of someone else: a sibling, a dependent parent, a friend, or a former employee. You or a loved one can start receiving annuity payments immediately, or defer them to increase your charitable income tax deduction. A portion of the income may be a tax-free return of principal, while some is taxed as ordinary income or capital gains. The amount of annuity paid and the tax deduction received depends on the age of the recipient and the current annuity rate (as established by the American Council of Gift Annuities).

A charitable gift annuity reduces estate assets and may reduce estate taxes. Plus, it’s easier to set up than a charitable trust and is backed by the general assets of the Foundation.

Does a free, personalized analysis of your charitable assets giving and objectives sound helpful? Contact us and we can “run the numbers” on a variety of scenarios. We can also work in tandem with your financial advisor.

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