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Fresno Regional Foundation Awards $150,000 in Grants

11 Nonprofits Assisted to Support Programs in Arts & Culture

Fresno, CA — June 26, 2008 — The Fresno Regional Foundation announced today that it has awarded $150,600 in grants to nonprofit organizations supporting programs in the area of Arts and Culture.  For this competitive grant cycle, a total of 43 applications were accepted, with requests totaling more than $1.1 million dollars.  Of the 43 applications, 11 nonprofits were granted funds.

The Fresno Regional Foundation Arts & Culture Grant was awarded to organizations that support programs integrating arts and cultural activities that meet community needs, support a rich and diverse culture in the Central Valley and increase awareness, understanding and participation in arts and culture.

Among those granted is $50,000 for the Pop Laval Foundation, which is a gallery initiative that serves as a museum and a working restoration site for the people of the San Joaquin Valley.  Student groups, individual tours and researchers can experience and celebrate their heritage for generations to come.  Historical Laval photos are displayed free to the public.  

A $17,850 grant was awarded to Valley Arts & Science Academy (VASA), for their Cultural Connections program.  This program helps to enrich the lives and educational experiences for low-income students by providing transportation and entry fees for students to participate regularly in programs at twelve local museums, informal science facilities, and live performance venues.

Requests for more than $1.1 million dollars identify the immense need of nonprofits in our community.  This need offers an opportunity for people to become ambassadors by reaching out and getting involved in philanthropy and civic engagement.  This is a sustained effort to serve the public interest and help people discover that making a difference in the lives of those in need is perhaps one of the greatest gifts of all.

A reception will be hosted to honor the awarding organizations on July 17.  The event will be held from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Pop Laval Foundation and recipients will receive their award checks at this event.

About the Fresno Regional Foundation

Established in 1966, the Fresno Regional Foundation is a nonprofit community foundation whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in the Central Valley through philanthropy. It is the channel through which individuals, families, businesses, private foundations and nonprofit organizations give in order to benefit the Central San Joaquin Valley community.
Collectively, the Foundation enriches the artistic, cultural and natural beauty of the region, addresses social issues and helps improve conditions through the continued support of local nonprofits and community-focused organizations.

The Fresno Regional Foundation is an affiliate of the National Council on Foundations and a member of the League of California Community Foundations.

Grant Recipients

  1. African American Historical Museum   $10,000
  2. Focus Forward  $10,000
  3. Friends of the Auberry Library (F.O.A.L.)  $5,000
  4. Jazz Fresno   $5,000
  5. Pop Laval Foundation  $50,000
  6. San Joaquin Valley Town Hall   $3,000
  7. Sierra Chamber Opera  $5,000
  8. Sunnyside High School Photography    $9,950
  9. Valley Arts & Science Academy (VASA)   $17,850
  10. Valley Public Radio   $25,000
  11. Westside Tule Enterprise Community   $9,800


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