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Fresno Regional Foundation donors come together to meet community needs across our region. We connect people who care to causes that matter in our community. Whatever your philanthropic goal, we can help, from supporting the unpredicted, emerging needs in the Central Valley’s future, to establishing a fund that lets you stay involved in grantmaking.

Fresno Regional Foundation Funds

High Impact 

Donor advised funds

  • Ann Lyles-MacPhail Charitable Fund
  • Anonymous Funds
  • August Madrigal Fund
  • Bennett Family Foundation Fund
  • Blossom Family Fund
  • Bradford & Diane Anderson Family Fund
  • Carl and Barbara Orlando Fund
  • Coke and James Hallowell Fund
  • Dan Souza Family Fund
  • David & Carolyn Johnson Family Fund
  • Deborah Anne Busick Fund
  • Don and Ruth Bricker Endowment Fund
  • Doug Maddox Family Fund
  • Dan Martin Donor Advised Fund
  • Eaton and Gibson Family Fund
  • Edward K.Martin Family Endowment Fund
  • Edward K. Martin Family Fund
  • Elizabeth Luanne Silkwood Fund
  • Ellen E. Bush Fund
  • Facelogic Spa Fund
  • FRF Administrative Support Fund
  • Gary & Carol Yoder Foundation
  • Geil Family Fund
  • George & Desa Belyea Charitable Trust
  • George and Evelyn Ducoff Endowment Fund
  • Gerald and Nanette Lyles Donor Advised Fund
  • Guarantee Good Will Network Fund
  • Hal, Debora, and Gracie Bolen Charitable Fund
  • Harris Farms Charitable Fund
  • Jack and Bernice Woolf Family Fund
  • Jerry Lyles Fund
  • Joyce Shimizu-Stone Memorial Fund
  • Judy and Jim Ganulin Family Fund
  • Katey's Kids, A Sebastian Foundation
  • Katherine Porter Fund
  • Ken and Carol Fransen Charitable Fund
  • Leo & Evelyn Weil Family Fund
  • LeRoux Family Fund
  • Lyles Diversified Charitable Fund
  • Lyles Foundation Donor Advised Fund
  • Martin & Marianne Weil Family Fund
  • Mr. & Mrs. William M. Lyles Fund
  • Pam and Dale Melville Family Fund
  • Paul E. W. & Elizabeth B. Read Fund
  • Phyllis B. & Robert G. Wright Fund
  • Pinnacle Donor Advised Fund
  • R. Emeterio & B. Desiree Castro Family Fund
  • Rosenstein Charitable Fund
  • Silkwood Family Foundation Donor Advised Fund
  • Slater Family Foundation Donor Advised Fund
  • Steven and Lori Lum Endowment Fund
  • Steven Farber Family Fund
  • T. W. Porter Fund
  • Tom and Louise Richardson Fund
  • Will and Tami Lyles Fund
  • William S. and Elizabeth S. Lucido Fund

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Funds designated for specific organizations

  • Agatha Farms, Inc., Waterfowl Habitat Fund
  • Boys and Girls Club Fund
  • Break the Barriers Fund
  • Bullard Foundation for Academic Excellence
  • Cancer Care Center Fund
  • CASA of Fresno and Madera Counties Fund
  • Center for Multicultural Cooperation (CMC) Legacy Fund
  • Central California Environmental Justice Network
  • Central California Latina Network Fund
  • Central Valley Honor Flight Fund
  • Central Valley Robotics Fund
  • Economic Development Corporation Fund
  • Exceptional Parents Unlimited Endowment
  • Focus Forward Fund
  • Fresno Business Council Fund
  • Fresno Madera Continuum of Care Fund
  • Fresno Stewardship Initiative
  • Friends of the Fresno County Library Endowment
  • Heritage Fresno Fund
  • Hinds Hospice Endowed Agency Fund
  • Howard K Watkins Fund
  • Junior Company Players Foundation Fund
  • Latino Center Fund
  • Mental Health America of the Central Valley
  • Micro Loan Fund
  • Phoenix Legacy Fund for University High School
  • Ray Jones Scholarhip Event Fund
  • Russell L. Fox Camp Fund at Temple Beth Israel
  • Sequoia Parks Foundation Fund
  • Shinzen Friendship Garden Endowment Fund
  • Sierra Foothill Conservancy Fund
  • The California Endowment Grant for Healthy Youth
  • Tower Trust
  • United Way of Fresno County Endowment Fund
  • Valley Visions Fund for UCSF Fresno

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Field of interest funds

  • ACT Endowment  Youth-Based Programs Fund
  • Air Quality Fund
  • African-American Education Fund
  • Art At The Airport Fund
  • Art Education Fund
  • Arts to Zoo Fund
  • Blue Cross Rural Health Initiative Fund
  • Clement Renzi Memorial Fund
  • The Children's Movement of Fresno County Fund
  • Community Education and Leadership Fund
  • Crisis Fund for the Central Valley
  • Deutsch Endowment for Indian Basket Collection
  • Domus Mitis Fund
  • Esther Asperger fund for Child Abuse Prevention
  • Frank F. Parker Memorial Firebaugh Fund
  • Fred Rau Charitable Fund for Neglected Children
  • Fresno Unified School District Education Foundation
  • FRF Arts and Cultural Advancement Fund
  • Friends of Fresno State Fund
  • Genetic Medicine Fund
  • Give Local Fund
  • Hearst Endowment for Art and Science Education
  • Humanics@FresnoSate Fund
  • Human Services Fund
  • Latino Employee Resource Group of PG&E Fund
  • Learn2Earn, the Mayor’s Adult Education Initiative Fund
  • Lee and Shelley Ayres Fund for Music for Children
  • Louis Gundelfinger Memorial Fund for Parks and Music
  • Lulu & Herbert Gundelfinger Memorial Fund for Arts
  • Mae Bell Fund for Care of the Elderly
  • Mental Health in Fresno County
  • Minnie R. Gundelfinger Fund for women and other human services
  • Mitsuoka Endowment Fund for Children in Dinuba, Reedley, & Orosi
  • Parkinson's Support Fund
  • Plant Foundation Fund
  • Prison of Peace Fund
  • San Joaquin River Field of Interest Fund
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Fund
  • Thorburn River Fund
  • Veterans of the Central Valley
  • Youth Education Endowment Fund

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Scholarship Funds

  • Basketball Officials Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Beatrice Denke Woodward Scholarship Fund
  • Bee Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Betty Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Bob Mathias Tulare Union High School Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Booth Family Scholarship Fund
  • Burrel Community Scholarship Fund
  • California Health Sciences University Scholarship Fund
  • Clarence & June Irwin Scholarship for Riverdale High School
  • Clark Jones Scholarship Fund for the Sunnyside Doctors Academy
  • Dennis B. Moore Scholarship Fund
  • Donald W. Ketscher Agricultural Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • E. H. Parsons Memorial Scholarship Fund for Delano High School
  • Ed Howe Memorial Fund for Lemoore Union High School District
  • Erma Duncan Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Evelyn Ducoff Scholarship Fund
  • Frank C. Gonder Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Fresno County Lawyers Scholarship Fund
  • Fresno Unified School District Scholarship Fund
  • Fresno Women's Network Scholarship Fund
  • Genevieve Greelis Scholarship Fund
  • George F. Gruner Prize for Meritorious Public Service in Journalism
  • Harnish Five Points, Inc. Student Awards
  • Hollis G. Best Scholarship Fund
  • Jefferson Elementary Scholarship Fund
  • Jeri Nagle Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Justice Pauline Davis Hanson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Katey's Kids, A Sebastian Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Luce Lewis Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Masao and Hana Kimura Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Milli Rollin Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Minnie Lee Parsons Memorial Scholarship Fund for Delano High School
  • Ray Jones Scholarship Fund
  • Sorenson Family Scholarship Fund
  • Walco Inernation, Inc. Scholarship Fund
  • Wee Friends Preschool Scholarship Fund

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Discretionary Funds

  • Bee Endowment Fund
  • Board of Directors' Fund for the Common Good
  • FRF Administrative Endowment Fund

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Neighborhood Market Program

Volunteers help supervise the children as clients visit the Community Food Bank’s Neighborhood Market program. This food distribution program delivers fresh produce and other healthy staples to destitute areas of Fresno, Madera and Kings Counties. Since its launch in March 2008, the program has distributed more than 1 million pounds of food in more than 30 locations. Thank you to the Fresno Regional Foundation for awarding a $10,000 human services grant to support this important work!

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