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Grantmaking for Advisors

Is there a minimum or maximum number of grants I must recommend from my donor advised fund in a year?

Currently, there is no minimum or maximum number of grants an advisor must recommend. The

Foundation will accept grant recommendations at any time during the year. Grants are reviewed by the board of directors at each monthly board meeting.

Who can recommend grants from the donor advised fund I established at the Foundation?

The primary person listed on the fund agreement can recommend grants from the fund. (The fund agreement form is the form signed by the donor when he/she makes the initial gift.) The Community Foundation will consider written requests to add advisors to the fund agreement.

What kind of organizations may I recommend for grants?

Nonprofit organizations that are classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), schools, municipalities and government programs are eligible.

May I recommend a grant to an individual?

No. Funds may make distributions only to qualifying nonprofit and public organizations. Donor Advisors may, however, recommend scholarship grants to schools or other organizations.

May I recommend grants to organizations outside of the Central Valley?


May I recommend a grant to an organization where I serve on the board?

Yes, as long as you receive no personal benefit from the grant.

May I make or fulfill a pledge with my fund?

No pledges please! We cannot make a grant to fulfill a pledge or other previous commitments you’ve made to support an organization or project/fund drive.

May I make anonymous grants?

If you desire to remain anonymous with all grants you recommend we will set up an anonymous fund, and all gifts from the fund will remain anonymous. If you are interested in remaining anonymous on a particular grant from a fund that is not an anonymous fund, please contact Community Foundation staff to discuss your options.

Are grants from my donor advised fund tax deductible?

No, grants from your fund are not tax deductible. Your tax deduction is based on the contributions you make to your fund. Therefore, you receive a tax deduction at the time of your gift.

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