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Endowment strategies

Build an endowment for your nonprofit

A frequently heard and misunderstood term in the nonprofit sector is sustainability.  Funders often want to know that an organization can meet its core operating costs while strengthening its infrastructure before investing in programs and services.

Most nonprofits in our region (with a few obvious exceptions) function with an annual budget of under $100,000. They do not have the means to sustain a regular income. They address their challenge with a variety of activities, including grant writing, fund raising and special events.

In addition to linking these groups with collaborative resources, Fresno Regional Foundation offers endowment-building services for nonprofit organizations.

Building an endowment is critically important to the future stability of your nonprofit’s efforts. Creating a fund at the Foundation can be the first step in achieving your goal.

Benefits of a nonprofit agency endowed fund

  1. Lower investment and administrative costs resulting from our economy of scale.
  2. Excellent return on investment—our pool averaged 12 percent return in 2006.
  3. Minimal cost. There is a two percent administrative fee and a small investment fee, which are compensated for with the excellent earnings of the fund.
  4. Create long-term stability by only using the earnings and income from the fund.
  5. All of our gift planning resources are at your disposal.
  6. Such gifts as real estate and closely held business interests can be facilitated through your endowment at the Fresno Regional Foundation.
  7. You can receive the income from your fund or capitalize the income appreciation from year to year.
  8. For a nonprofit looking to build upon its success, teaming up with the Foundation creates a much-needed boost.

Build for your future now

Learn how to maximize efficiency and manage costs for your endowment. Contact us to originate your agency fund.

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