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Fresno Regional Foundation works to improve lives in our community by encouraging philanthropy. We provide unique opportunities for individual donors, families, businesses, and other foundations to invest in programs that address a wide spectrum of economic, social, educational, cultural and environmental needs.

Giving stories

A medium for kindness

Thanks to the generosity of a Fresno Regional Foundation donor, a grant of $100,000 was made to ReadFresno, an organization whose vision is to have every child reading at or above grade level by the end third grade. Some of the staff and board members of the Fresno Regional Foundation are now volunteer readers.     Read more...

An advocate for leadership

A friend of Fresno Regional Foundation and the entire community, David Masumoto, is making a gift to open a field of interest fund designed to support community education and leadership training. Since opening the fund in September 2007, the fund has grown from other gifts.     Read more...

A community steward

In response to an article in the Fresno Bee about the McLane High School Triathlon Team, a Fresno resident and owner of a Fresno Regional Foundation donor advised fund requested we make a grant from her family fund for $3,000. This grant allowed the team to purchase new equipment and clothing, and to pay fees and travel expenses to compete in races in San Francisco.     Read more...

Giving through the Foundation

Fresno Regional Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals, and we serve as a bridge connecting philanthropy to community-based organizations that provide programs and services throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

Learn more about giving through the foundation.

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