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Interim Reports measure progress of multi-year grants. Final Reports reflect actual outcomes of funded grants. These reports provide information the Program Staff uses to evaluate impact of FRF grants. FRF is mindful of the time and effort required to gather data, complete, and submit reporting requirements. These reports are valuable and will be used.

Note: All fields are required in order to successfully submit your report. A budget is required with this report. Please use the template found here.

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Type of Report  IMPT 

Interim Report
Final Report

Project and Organization Information

For High Impact Grant Reporting

Please complete the following questions for High Impact grant reports only.

No No schooling
K - 8th
Some High School (No diploma)
High School/GED
Some College
TOTAL Parents Reached Two-parent home (incl. step-parent)
Single mother, responsible for care of dependent children
Single father, responsible for care of dependent children
Joint custody
Kinship care
Foster care (incl. youth living with relatives if this is a formal home placement)
Group home
Residential treatment
Incarcerated setting
Runaway or homeless/street youth
TOTAL - Type of Families Reached

Actual Grant Impact IMPT 

To help us collect information on the direct impact of this grant, please answer the following questions. Your answers should reflect the direct benefits provided through this grant.

Please provide the following demographic information  RULE 

* N/C = Not Classified

Gender Group Served
  Males Females LGBTQ N/C Total
No. Served
Age Groups Served
  0-5 6-12 13-17 18-34 35-54 55-64 65+ N/C Total
No. Served
Ethnicity of Group Served
  Caucasian Latino African American Native American Asian Pacific Islander N/C Total
No. Served

Grant Project Narrative

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Certification of Officer

By submitting this grant application, you certify that you are an authorized officer acting on behalf of the organization.