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The first step in the application process is to complete an Organization Profile Form (OPF). This is how we get to know your organization. The requested information is valuable and will be used to better inform FRF on the CBOs in our region.

A new OPF or an OPF Update must be approved by the program staff within the calendar year in which you are applying for funding.


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Organization Information

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Contact Information

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Fiscal Responsibility

If your organization has a fiscal agent, please provide the following information. Any checks awarded to your organization will be made payable to your fiscal agent.

Program Area


Board and Staff Demographics

We ask for the following information to understand diversity in staff and boards of our potential grantees. The information will NOT be used to determine eligibility of an applicant organization for any grant request. Fresno Regional Foundation will maintain strict confidentiality of this data and will only report publicly on summarized data, never on a particular individual or organization.

Gender Diversity

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Board Members

Age Diversity

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Board Members
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Multi-cultural Community Impact

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Financial Information

The Financial Information responses should be taken from the most recent IRS 990, 990EZ, or 990N. If you are using a fiscal agent, please respond with information about the IRS returns of your fiscal agent.


File Attachments

Important Considerations for attachments
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By submitting this organization profile form, you certify that you are an authorized officer acting on behalf of the organization. Note: Even if you have selected "Submit to FRF", you can still edit your OPF until 5pm on the deadline day.