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Scholarship Profile of the Fresno Regional Foundation

A Story of Opportunity

A Master's Degree in Social Work, a job right out of grad school with Child Protective Services, and an energetic young daughter with good grades and a strong sense of community. It's a happy "ending" with a tough beginning.

A gifted young student with problems at home, Anissa became entangled in substance abuse. Her turning point was her daughter Alicia. It was the challenge of facing parent hood at the age of 15.

"I didn't want my daughter to grow up the way I did," she said. Anissa found guidance and encouragement in a parenting program enabling completion of high school and in the Foundation's Maxine Rodkin Scholarship for higher education. "The money was really helpful," she said, "but even more important was knowing that I had a support system."

Anissa first set her sights on becoming a teacher, like the parenting program director who remains her mentor and friend. "But I wanted to focus on the kids who are slipping through the cracks," Anissa said. "I know what its like. You feel like you don't have anyone to turn to. You need someone you can count on, someone you can trust." And she has been that someone to so many.

The Maxine Rodkin Scholarship Fund

Maxine Rodkin will always be remembered as a courageous and giving woman who recognized the power of education to transform an individual's life. Family and friends created this scholarship fund in her memory to help teenage parents with a strong desire to pursue higher education.

The scholarship is a tribute to Maxine's commitment to providing opportunity through her efforts in establishing high school parenting programs enabling young mothers and fathers to graduate.

Maxine and her family and friends knew that so many, like Anissa, would have an important story to tell. A story of opportunity, and of hopes and dreams realized.