Community Foundations


Definitions of FRF/ MPA & TCE/ FRF Grant Categories

  • Public Broadcasting: Organizations seeking funding under this category must be involved in public radio or television broadcasting, and operating under licensing from the FCC. Organizations must have their principal offices within the City of Fresno's sphere of influence. Funding is for the purpose of producing programs and for equipment. NOT for schools that teach radio or television.
  • Capital Improvements: Funds in this category are for organizations seeking funding for capital improvement projects to enhance existing facilities or for improving fixed assets in current possession of the organization. This includes the building infrastructure and permanent fixtures (such as phone lines and heavy equipment). Organizations seeking funding for new facilities or for capital campaigns to acquire new facilities are NOT eligible to apply for this category.
  • Enhancing the Quality of Life: The purpose of this fund category is to support projects of a general nature that are deemed to improve the general quality of living conditions in the Fresno area. Funds are to be used for the general enlightenment and entertainment of the community as well as projects designed for improvements in neighborhoods. Funds could also include improving the organizations services. Any service or program related funding that directly impacts clients that agencies are serving (i.e. living space, guide dog for the blind, etc.)
  • Protecting Natural Resources: Projects to be funded from this category are intended to help maintain and preserve existing natural resources. Organizations seeking funds in this category should be involved in activities that relate to the outdoors and preservation.
  • TCE/FRF Safety Net Category: The purpose of this funding category is to support local health and health related nonprofit organizations which provide safety net services in the areas of nutrition, housing and emergency services. Funds can be used for general operating expenses, direct services, capacity-building and other types of projects that help safety net organizations achieve a higher level of stability. Funds may not be used for capital campaigns. Organizations not eligible - arts, cultural, animal welfare and other non-safety net organizations.

Answers to Frequently asked questions:

  • The enclosed budget form must be used.
  • Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.
  • An IRS tax exempt letter must be enclosed. (NOT state tax exempt letter) Also, if 501 (c) (3) is pending the FRF will NOT grant your agency unless the project is unique and presents an extraordinary benefit to the community.
  • Grant awards will be approved in May 2001. Organizations will be contacted by mail of their award status.

Please direct all calls regarding the grant cycle to Jesse Arreguin at 559.226.5600 x102. Thank You!