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Celebrating the Americas:
Arte Americas

More than a decade ago, Arte Americas began its commitment to a new era of cultural opportunity and expression by establishing the first museum of its kind in our region.

Nestled in a rented space of Warnor's Theatre, members fostered dreams of sharing their visual and performing art achievements with the community. Quickly expanding and realizing the limitations of their space, they moved to the Cultural Arts District of Uptown Fresno in 1995.

Today, Arte Americas is a cultural center with a network of institutions attracting the nation's foremost art collections and international exhibits while stimulating intrigue among new audiences. Casa de la Cultura presents the diversity, rich tradition and heritage of the Americas that are at once universal while culturally specific. The Plaza de las Artes invites community members to gather in celebrations of music, poetry and dance.

Funding from the Fresno Regional Foundation has helped Arte Americas fulfill its purpose to cultivate appreciation and awareness for the achievements of Latinos by creating a vibrant expression of culture in a landmark that showcases passion and pride.